eighteen weeks

IMG_8814week: 18

your sizes: sweet potatoes

my weight: 131.3

what’s happening: we had out second appointment yesterday with the maternal fetal medicine dr. (dr porter). the genders were confirmed!!


we could not be happier. truly. i feel the babies at least once a day now. it is amazing. it feels like little pitter patters or flutters. i love them so much.

they each weigh 9oz. right now! we also got a dvd of our entire ultra sound.

our insurance for some reason is telling us that my ob/gyn (dr byno) isn’t fully covered. but her office is telling me this isn’t possible because they all have the same contracts with united healthcare. i had to cancel our next appt so that we’re not billed even more. and now the hunt begins for a new ob. so frustrating.

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