nineteen weeks

IMG_8902week 19:

your sizes: mangos

my weight: 133.5

what’s happening: I’m pretty set on the name penelope elizabeth for our baby girl. for the boys names we’re indecisive. i really like zeppelin, clyde or oliver. middle name daniel after their daddy. i think darin likes clyde best so we’ll see!

little penelope is a mover! i feel her little kicks all the time. they feel like taps right now. baby boy punches here and there but for the most part he’s pretty mellow. i love feeling them move around.

it’s time to really start getting the house and the babies room ready. my belly is getting buffer and i worry about how long i’ll b able to do things. I’m determined to keep these babies for a minimum of 37 weeks! is we make to 40 weeks, then we have 20 weeks and 6 days left. xoxox

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