seventeen weeks

IMG_9429week: 17

your sizes: oranges

my weight: 130

what’s happening: the extreme fatigue has subsided and the hungry every 10 minutes is no more. i don’t even feel like i can eat as much because there’s no room in my tummy. i love my belly. it’s a constant reminder that i have these two sweet little babies growing inside.

my allergies are bad and the acid reflux is out of control some nights. but still no sickness (thank you babies).

the babies room is all cleaned out and painted. the only thing we’ve bought is a changing table from ikea. and of course some irresistible clothes. we’ll wait till after the baby showers to see what else we need.

I’ve turned in to a very paranoid driver these days. and the horrible utah inversion gives me anxiety. i filled our home with plants to absorb any pollutants and we got an air purifier. i have app on my phone that tells me just how bad the air is some days. i’m so worried about keeping my babies healthy while they develop. but i am doing everything in my power to do so.

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