just being pregnant

found out yesterday that my best friend corinne is pregnant with her third little. i am so happy for her! there are a few of my other close friends that have been trying and are still trying for their first. i feel for these friends of mine. it took us almost two years and I remember so clearly what i went through almost every day when it just wasn’t happening for us. or what i felt when i would see a little baby. i wanted it so badly. it was so hard to see it ever happening for us because it WASN’T. and now when my friend(s) are let down each month with a negative pregnancy test i wish so bad there was something i could do for them. i know how disheartening it can be. but when it finally does happen it is thee most incredible, amazing and magical feeling. i have never been happier. but i don’t want to forget the struggle it was to get to this point. it was hard. there were days that i got so down on myself because i thought there was something wrong with me. but there wasn’t! it just wasn’t our time. the stars have alined however and we have been blessed beyond belief. and i pray every day that the women in my life who want their first baby will be given that chance. because they deserve it. 

so this is me, just being pregnant. just being happier than i could ever imagine. loving every second of this pregnancy, every little movement & every ache and pain. i love these babes that i am privileged to carry around for the next few months. i love them more than anything i have ever loved. and i love the man that i will spend the rest of forever with. 



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