twenty weeks

IMG_8974week: 20 !!

your sizes: bananas from head to toe

my weight: 134.2

what’s happening: looks like my insurance might have just made a big mistake and we’ll be getting dr byno back. is not we have a dr in the same office that our insurance definitely fully covers.

i feel the babies a lot inside. darin has felt penelope. she’s a constant squirmer. I’ve been real itchy all over. no stretch marks though! i lather pure shea butter on twice a day.

i’m really excited for my baby showers! march 14th is the california one. desiree and corinne will be planning it. denise and kiley are doing the one here in utah with help from courtney and jess. it’s going to be at kiley and tonys new cute house up the street from me. i can’t wait !

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