twentyfour weeks

imageweek: 24

my weight: 141.1

your sizes: two ears of corn

what’s happening:: i can now see the babies movements from the outside of my tummy. they’re usually quick little kicks or punches. i imagine there isn’t much room for the both of them in there so they’re constantly pushing each other out of the way. or they’re perfectly snuggled together and playing with each other when they’re awake. i wish i had a safe x-ray machine that i could stand in front of and just watch them all day long.

what i’m eating:: for breakfast it’s usually cereal first.  my go to brand is three sisters from whole foods. i can’t get enough of the graham crackers one at the moment. it’s so good! that’s usually the first thing i do when i wake up because i feel like i have been starving for days. shortly after that i’ll have a fage yogurt. followed by some pancakes or waffles. unless darin’s home, then we make breakfast burritos!  lunch usually consists of pb&j with kale blueberry salad, a strawberry protein drink and vegan chocolate chip cookie. i never make it all the way to dinner without eating another full meal, or at least snacking constantly. by the time darin and i both get home from work it’s almost 8:00pm and neither one of us wants to stand in the kitchen cooking so we usually make it pretty easy. homemade bean burritos, tacos or even just pasta. i’d like to make a little bit healthier dinners but working 8 to 9 hours a day makes that rough sometimes. i need a live in chef/house cleaner. wouldn’t that be a dream?image

i really can’t wait for our babies to be here. my biggest worry has been the thought of them both feeling 100% of their mothers love. when you have one baby that’s easy. all of your time and attention goes to them. but with two… how will i be able to give my undivided attention to them both at the same time through-out their waking existence. everything i have read says to get them on the same schedule as soon as you possibly can to keep your sanity. but what if i got them on opposite schedules, so that when one is sleeping i can love and cherish the other. that way neither of them would ever be sitting there watching me love the other more. AHH. it’s so hard to think about. i picture myself having both of their little heads in each of my hands at all times desperately making sure that they both can see my eyes on them and feel my love for them. counting equal kisses on both of their little faces.



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