twentythree weeks

IMG_9307week: 23

your sizes: eggplant babies!

my weight: 139.2

what’s happening: i am very visably pregnant now. it’s funny because people will ask when i’m due, expecting to hear “a few weeks”. but when i say june they get a funny look on their face and then i have to explain that i have two babies coming. people get really excited about that. i love to talk about it and hear about their twin stories of some one they know. just from working at whole foods market i have met a couple of moms that recently gave birth to twins. anytime we see each other at the store we chat and they check in on me and i ask more questions about their delivery and how their babies are doing now. it’s really exciting and motivating to talk about it and hear other’s stories.  i hope, for these babies, that i am able to carry to at least 37 weeks and that they each get over 5 lbs.

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