twentyfive weeks

imageweek: 25

my weight:144.6

your sizes: cauliflowers !

whats happening:: undeniably getting bigger! which just means the babies are growing. our next appt with the MFM is March 18th so we’ll get to know their weight and sizes. i certainly feel like they’ve grown a lot since the last appt! I feel them both moving quite a bit. it’s usually around 7:00pm when I’m whinding down. you’d think they were taking turns playing steamroller – when you roll on top of each other. it’s the cutest thing. i get a little bit of heart burn here and there but nothing too painful and not for very long ever. no feet swelling yet!! but they do hurt when I’m on them for too long. the belly button is making an appearance!!! i have a photo shoot scheduled with a friend on march 20th that im pretty excited about. will def be posting photos from that.

this last weekend we were in las vegas, darin for work and me for some serious relaxation. I’ve been working as much as I possibly can before I cant work anymore. which usually means 7 days a week. that can be tough some times but i’m doing it for our littles.  and my job (at whole foods) is gracious enough to give me a chair to sit in when I need to. I also work at a hair salon part-time. it’s hard to build clientele when you know you’re not going to be able to re-book any new clients for months. so this mini babymoon couldn’t have come at a better time! i have to admit I felt a little silly going to party central when i am pregnant but we stayed at the renassaince hotel which is more of a business center. no smoking in doors and no casino in the hotel. it was actually really nice and relaxing. I did make an appearance at the pool but I kept the babes covered. I was too worried about burning my belly. i got a lot of compliments and a lot of inquiries. it turned out to be the perfect mini vacay. everyone around me made me feel really good about being pregnant and out doing normal things. thank you las vegas!

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