twentyseven weeks

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.34.21 AM::third trimester::

week: 27 !

your sizes: rutabagas! and each well over 2.5 lbs.

my weight: 149

what’s happening:: it’s getting harder to work. i really thought i would make it halfway through april at LEAST but at this rate i am not sure! strangers ask me on a daily basis if i am due any day now, or about to pop. two and a half more months guys!


what i’m wearing? my comfiest leggings. most of my maternity shirts aren’t even fitting me anymore. this belly is big!

stretch marks? nope.

sleep? some nights, sleep is non-existent. 

cravings? nutrient enriched foods! all i can think about is that the babies are getting everything i am putting in to my body so i am kind of obsessed with only feeding them good things that i know they will get nutrients from.

belly button in or out? it comes in and out ! i think the babes are playing games with me and pushing it out.

symptoms? acid reflux is a big one still, only in the evenings though when i am laying down. my legs feel like they’re on fire at times. maybe that’s from the weight gain. which is almost 30 lbs total bytheway! so happy about that. i was worried gaining might be a problem for me but it hasn’t seemed to be. fatigue! im usually really good in the mornings and have lots of energy. by the time 4 or 5pm rolls around im done and i need to be in pjs on my couch. itchy skin takes over at times. i’ve realized it has a lot to do with the material on my skin. go figure. the only solution is taking the clothes off or climbing in to a warm oatmeal bath. so soothing to the skin.

best moment of the week? watching little penelope roll around in my belly. and feeling baby boy pratically grab onto a hip bone to turn himself around. 

what I am looking forward to: settling on a name for our baby boy. I am still loving zeppelin, oliver and clyde. I think darin likes clyde a lot. clyde daniel rolfe. clyde & penelope. it’s pretty cute! 

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