twentysix weeks

imageweek: 26

your sizes: papayas!

my weight: 145

what’s happening:: our babies are so big!! i love them so much. i LOVE feeling them. they push and roll around every day and night. our next appt is with the maternal fetal med Dr. on wednesday. i can’t wait to see how much they’ve actually grown and where they are positioned at now.

here are some questions i get asked a lot that i should probably be answering every week on here but i’ll start now. 

what i’m wearing? all leggings now and any long shirts i own that don’t ride up my belly !

stretch marks? nada !  i’ve been religiously using aloe vera after every shower and pure shea butter about 3 times a day.

sleep? is getting rough. it’s hard to fall asleep because i am very uncomfortable when i first get in to bed. but when i wake up in the morning (usually around 6:30am) i want nothing more than to just lay there for 5 more hours because my body finally feels relaxed!

cravings? nothing in particular. unless you count the smashburger i insist darin pick up after work a couple times a week… but other than that i just want to eat everything in site. i’ve been keepin it clean for the babies. all natural – hormone free meats and mostly organic produce.

belly button in or out? not fully out but it it is still creepin!

symptoms? lots of back pain, mostly when i am first going to bed though. acid reflux, again only when going to bed. swollen ankles when i went to california last weekend. that was a first. i feel like it had to do with the 10 hour drive down and then walking all the next day in 90 degree weather because i have not gotten swollen anything and i am usually working over 8 hour days on my feet. oooh the leg cramps. it happens maybe once a week – i am woken up by an extremely painful cramping, or what feels like a charlie horse in my thigh or calf. not so fun. but then a baby pushes it’s little foot into my tummy and i could care less about the excruciating pain in my leg.

best moment of the week? my california baby shower by far. all of my family made it out and these babies were spoiled beyond imaginable. i was not expecting half the stuff we got for them. our cribs from darins family, two swings from my family, so many adorable baby clothes and gift cards to help with the rest. we have some of the most amazing friends and family that gave us some incredible stuff, that we really needed! words cannot express how grateful we are for everyone in our lives at this time. i wasn’t sure how we were going to do this but it is working out and i couldn’t feel anymore blessed than i do. 

what I am looking forward to: my utah baby shower that my sister in law, denise is throwing for us with the help from my two good friends who i love dearly – kiley and courtney. 

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