IMG_9983week: 30

your sizes:cucumbers!

my weight: 155.3

what’s happening:: definitely seeing the not so pretty parts of pregnancy now. but considering my body waited till 30 weeks for any of it i am more than fine with it !

finished our birthing class today. we both really enjoyed it for the most part and learned quite a bit. something the instructor made us think about was what our ideal birth would be. most of it is the obvious – quick and painless. but for me having a higher risk of cesarean and other complications i have a lot to hope for. and so i hope for a vaginal birth requiring a very low dose of medicine from the epidural (i had no idea you can control how much meds you get from it). needing no assistance of tools (clamps etc…) healthy weighing babies that both want to come out one after the other without tearing their momma. and NOT having to have a cesarean on top of a vaginal birth (that’s actually my biggest fear). OR, just scheduling a cesarean and knowing exactly what to expect from it! that will happen if baby boy is still transverse (sideways in my pelvis) when it’s go time.

i can’t believe we’re at 30 weeks! to think that in just a short couple of months we will be holding our babies in our arms, in our home. we still need a name for the boy. darin is just having a really hard time with this. it’ll hopefully come to us before the big day.


what i’m wearing? pj pants and a couple of maternity tops i have left that fit.  

stretch marks? nope.

sleep? i really think this is just my body preparing itself for when the babies are here and i literally will not be getting any sleep at all.

cravings? milkshakes but i am trying to limit my sugar intake. my score was a little high from my glucose test. which just means my body isn’t processing sugar very well due to all of the other hormones that are running through it.

belly button in or out? pretty much out. but not all the way yet.

symptoms? acid reflux a lot at night. the swelling has begun!! i can’t walk or stand for too long otherwise my poor ankles get puffy. my hands are a little swollen and i can’t fit my wedding ring on. my right foot has some swelling in the arch and it actually hurts a lot. my OB said if it persists she is going to send me to a pediatrist. i think the worst thing is the back aches. i can’t sit or stand OR LAY for too long or it gets pretty bad.

best moment of the week? the babies were still and i was relaxing in bed when darin got home and he started talking and the babies started moving all over the place. it was really sweet.  we also found our stroller! baby jogger city select double. we tried it out today and it’s perfect for us. very durable and easy to use and fold. success!  now to save the $600 for it… eek.

what I am looking forward to: our maternal fetal med appt. this wednesday. i can’t wait to see how much they are weighing in at. and i can’t wait to see their cute little faces again!!  it’s been about 4 weeks since we last saw them. our bi-weekly appt’s with our OB are just quick little check ups and we get to hear the heartbeats.

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