thirtyone weeks

imageweek: 31

your sizes: pineapples! penelope weighing in at 3.10 lbs & baby boy 3.12 lbs.

my weight: 158 (that’s a total weight gain of 40 lbs so far)

what’s happening:: it’s getting more uncomfortable to do things. i feel like i have one or two more weeks that i can get ready for the babies and then i will be out of commission.

did we decide on a name for our little adventurer?? clyde? i do love it. i think darin needs to see him first to confirm and so we wait.

the babies room is coming together. i’ll have to post pictures when it’s done. it’s been fun trying to make a tiny apartment bedroom fit two babies needs. i’m now just focusing on organization and decor, since we pretty much have everything we need. speaking of… family and friends (and even strangers) have been so incredibly generous through out these past 8 months.  we feel so blessed and so lucky to have the people that we have in our lives. just the other day my grandpa decided he wanted to get us our stroller (the baby jogger, city select double). and let me just tell you, durable double strollers are NOT cheap these days. i wanted to cry and squeeze him. i am so grateful for these generous gifts! my parents, my insanely caring and giving parents gave us a car. i say insanely – because who just gives their child a practically new car just because they’re having babies?  well, my dad does. we couldn’t be more thankful for it. we thought we were going to go into more debt to purchase a safe four door vehicle for these babes. we are forever in debt to them. and of course darin’s parents who have sent us things from a new comfortable bed for us to cribs for the babies. my grammy, grandpa and aunts & uncles got us two baby swings that I know are going to save our lives. i don’t know how to thank our family! i’ve never felt so much love before. these babies will grow up knowing how much they are loved and how important family is. i want them so badly to have a special relationship with each grandparent. i wish we could all live in a culdesac together somehow!


what i’m wearing? cotton maxi skirts are nice!  why didn’t i think of these before?  

stretch marks? none.

sleep? it’s actually getting painful to sleep. i’ve tried body pillows and they make it kind of worse. some times i can get in a position with my regular pillows that will allow me to sleep for a couple hours until i wake up with a sharp tearing feeling in my lower abdominal area.  and then it takes me about 5 painful minutes to turn to my other side. there’s been a couple times i have actually gotten stuck on my back because it hurt so bad and i had to have darin help me sit up. it doesn’t hurt when i’m up! but i’ve tried sleeping sitting up and it pinches  nerves in my back and sends shooting pain up and down it. i can’t win!! but i’m just accepting that i wont be sleeping anymore. i don’t get frustrated about it. it just is what it is. and if i have to be awake through the night it’s ok. because soon we will have little precious babies to be awake with.

cravings? SWEETS. mostly chocolate. i have pretty much cut most carbs and sugars from my diet. it’s hard! and it makes me want those things even more so. but i need to keep my levels down for our babies.

belly button in or out? in and out again. mostly flat.

symptoms? acid reflux hasn’t been making as much of an appearance lately, but the swelling is getting worse. if i stay off my feet i’m ok but when i start movin the ankles puff right up. the back ache is getting worse due to all the weight i have in front now.

best moment of the week? being sent to a gestational diabetes class because my glucose test came back high, and then being given an at home tester to use 4 times a day and my levels being great! i know that cutting sugar has made a huge difference because i had ONE milkshake today and my levels were way too high. my body just doesn’t produce enough insulin right now to break it down. 

what i am looking forward to: FRIDAY. my last day working full-time at whole foods market. i will begin my maternity leave and possibly have up to 25 weeks with a short term disability claim. at the end of my leave i will return to work but only one to two days a week. 


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