IMG_0102week: 32

your sizes: BIG squash. over 4 lbs each!!

my weight: 160.7 – never thought i would be happy to see that kind of number on the scale. grow babies, grow!

what’s happening:: yesterday was my last day of work and it could not have come sooner! i probably should have stopped working weeks ago but i am glad i made it to 32 weeks on my feet. if this was a singleton pregnancy i am sure i’d be fine to keep going. but considering i am double the weight and size… it’s time to relax and keep these babies in there for as long as my body will allow.

still no name for boy. zeppelin is my #1 choice, henry and then clyde. as for darin – he’s just not sure at all. he wants to see his son before putting a name on him. i can understand that because he’s not developing the relationship with them that i have by carrying them and feeling them every day. i know that my little penelope elizabeth is in there just waiting to come out and meet us. and i FEEL like i have a zeppelin in there too!! but i know that darin needs to be sure about it. and if he goes with something else i am completely ok with that! it’s his son too.


what i’m wearing? well considering i don’t have to leave the house anymore – PAJAMAS!  

stretch marks? i want to say none, but the skin around my belly button is SO stretched thin that i could be getting some there.  not positive though. and if they are i’m ok with it. because these babies need more room to grow big and healthy. they can stretch my tummy out all they want!  my little lovebugs.

sleep? there were a couple nights last week that i actually slept! aside from waking to pee 3 times, i was able to sleep through the night with no pain. it was the greatest feeling. lately however, these babies get REAL active once i lay down. you’d swear they were trying to just swim around kicking their little legs as fast as they can. it’s pretty dang cute.

cravings? still craving chocolate and sometimes the milkshakes. also lots of fruits and veggies!

belly button in or out? in and out again. mostly flat.

symptoms? back ache mostly now. and water retention! i get real puffy some days.

best moment of the week? having my last day at work! it was bitter-sweet because i love my job at whole foods, but it was definitely time to stop working. i’ll be back though! just part-time. it’ll be nice to get out for a few hours a week.   

what i am looking forward to: relaxing this week. finishing the house preparations for babies. finishing babies room. 


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