twenynine weeks

29weekweek: 29

your sizes: beets

my weight: 153

what’s happening:: i feel like i am entering the extremely uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. i’m huge! i measure 40 weeks for a singleton pregnancy. and we’ve still got at LEAST 7 more weeks to go. these babies have grown a LOT in the past few weeks which makes me SO happy. it’s really hard to move around and when i do i’m completely out of breath and exhausted. no joke, i walk from one room to another and i feel like i’ve just worked out for an hour straight. it’s entertaining to say the least. i’m thinking i will only be able to work for a couple of more weeks. i have an appt with dr byno tomorrow so we will see what she says.

the babies room is coming together! we just need a few more things. i don’t have too much decor up yet because i’ve been so busy making sure i had the things we actually needed. but i would love to put their initials on the wall along with some pictures. hopefully that happens before they get here. im starting to feel like that could be any week now. they say the AVERAGE delivery time for twins is 35 weeks. average meaning it could be a couple weeks before or after 35 weeks. our goal is 36 weeks and i am praying they stay in there until then so that they can get to a healthy weight and we can get everything done to the apartment that we need to!


what i’m wearing? target pj pants that look somewhat like leggings. theyre the only things that don’t cut off my circulation under my belly. and i probably have 3 shirts i can still wear that are long enough. 

stretch marks? nope.

sleep? ROUGH. there are only a few nights a week that i get decent sleep. the other nights i toss and turn in pain or dis comfort. it’s all for you babies!!

cravings? milkshakes! i love a good chocolate milk shake these days. i wish my dad lived closer because he makes the best peanut butter shakes.

belly button in or out? pretty much out. but not all the way yet.

symptoms? same things: acid reflux, leg cramps, fatigue & itchy skin.  the back aches are getting REAL bad though.

best moment of the week? i was spooning darin the other night while we were watching a movie in bed, and out of no where one of the babies started turbo kicking my belly right where it was touching darins back! it was the craziest and funniest thing. he felt it because it was such hard kicking. it was almost like they knew he was right there and wanted to play with him.  

what I am looking forward to: our second birthing class on saturday. we had our first class last saturday and it was very informational. we learned all of the signs of labor that we really had no idea about. i always just pictured in my head that a woman’s water broke and she went to the hospital and gave birth! little did we know that only 10% of women actually go through that process of the water breaking on it’s own. 

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