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we had our final appt with the maternal fetal medicine doctor last tuesday. drum roll please…… the babies are weighing in at:: baby boy 5lbs 13oz! and baby girl 5lbs 9oz!! we could not be happier! the doctor also monitored their little hearts and bellies and saw that they were “practice breathing”. i forget the term she used but basically that is a good sign that if they came today, they would be able to figure out how to breath right away on there own, with no assistance. i am so proud of our little babies. they are so strong!  baby boy has done a complete flip and is now head down deep in to my pelvis. he wants out! our little penelope however, wedged herself up into my ribs and is lying there vertical just cozier than ever. she’s not ready for this world yet apparently. so as long as she stays up there we will still be going ahead with the cesarean. my doctor was very honest with me and said she is not comfortable delivering breech babies – there’s too much risk in it. if she decides to drop down and get her head next to brothers though – then vaginal it is! we are now just playing the waiting game.

on thursday i went to my first non stress test. they put monitors on my belly to hear each heartbeat and how they react to my contractions or their own movements. the primary goal of the test is to measure the heart rate of the fetus in response to its own movements. healthy babies will respond with an increased heart rate during times of movement, and the heart rate will decrease at rest. the technician said our babies couldn’t be more healthy. she also told me she hadn’t seen a twin pregnancy this normal and strong in awhile. how did we get so lucky and blessed?? what did we do to deserve this? i ask myself this everyday. the tech then measured their amniotic fluid levels and reported that they were practically perfect. overall, results couldn’t have been better and i left there feeling pretty happy.

so what’s goin on with me at 35 weeks:: this body, that i do not feel is mine anymore, is holding up for the most part. braxton hicks are very constant and some times intense. but not so much painful, just a lot of pressure and tightness. heart burn has arrived but only at night when i am lying down. it wakes me up and kills. there have been a few times where it has literally paralyzed me. we picked up some tums chewy delights and those did not work. we’re going to get the dissolving tablets today so i’ll let you know if those do anything. still having some water retention pretty much everywhere now. usually only is really visible when i wake up and kind of sore. but it’s nothing too bad. carpel tunnel! i had read about this earlier in my pregnancy but i am just now experiencing it. it’s pretty painful but again usually only in the mornings when i first get out of bed. i have to make it a point to sleep with my hands flat out otherwise when i wake up through out the night i can barely open my fists. i didn’t even realize i slept with my hands in fists naturally. oh the things you would never think about. lots of pain in my hips and upper legs. especially when i have been sitting for awhile – getting up is difficult! i some times feel like i am 90 years old. and probably the most discomforting part of this pregnancy at this point is my poor tummy. i really do feel bad for it. it has been stretched to the max, or so i think, and then it grows another few inches! the skin around my belly button is so raw and so thin. i thought i was getting stretch marks but it just looks like some sort of rash! and it’s soooo painful. i was using pure shea butter before but that stings a little now. so i picked up mothers special blend from whole foods market and it’s been saving me these last few days. it’s a mixture of almond oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil and vitamin e oil. 636it’s extremely soothing right out of the shower. hence why i shower about two times a day now. just so i can get some relief! also, when i lay on my back (which makes it REALLY hard to breath) the babies kind of roll to the sides of my belly and i get major relief on the front end. unfortunately, i can only lay that way for so long before i feel like i am going to pass out from little to no oxygen. other than those handful of discomforts – i feel like this pregnancy has been quite a breeze. it’s amazing what our bodies can do all on their own. which is why i say i don’t feel like this is my body anymore. i have turned it over to the babies and they are just doin’ their thing. stretchin’ their momma out so they can fatten up and come out as healthy as possible!

i heard and read so many stories of twin moms going in to pre-term labor and having problems with the babies, that i assumed we would too. i cannot stress enough, every pregnancy is different. just because the average delivery for twins ranges anywhere from 32 to 35 weeks – does not mean you will delivery early. i am so grateful we have made it this far. i wish i hadn’t been so scared of pre-term labor and the problems that come with it, but at the same time it is good to be educated on ALL of the possibilities you could face in a multiple pregnancy. but don’t let it scare you!  know that you can make it full term with your babies – no mater how uncomfortable you get! just set yourself up on the couch with some good movies and snacks and keep telling yourself that you can make it as far as you WANT to make it. obviously there are circumstances that cause pre-term labor but again, don’t assume that because everyone around you had a scary or not so fun experience, that you will too.

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