imagewe had a great appt last monday with our ob/gyn. she basically told us to be prepared for any day! and so we are. also – we are a definite go for a cesarean delivery. so i am preparing myself mentally for that. i’ve heard from some mommas that the recovery isn’t that bad and then i have heard from others that it is horrible. so we’ll see how my body handles it! my only concern is the medication afterwards. i don’t want any in my body when i am trying to nurse and when i am being with my babies for the first time. so that too, we will see how my body handles.

as for the babies – our sweet boy has his feet straight down in my pelvis! and believe me, that can be fun some days. penelope is right next to him with her little bum down. and SO, if i go in to labor then i can call darin (if he’s at work) and wait for him to pick me up and take me to the hospital. but if my water breaks then i need to call an ambulance and go straight to the hospital in order to keep baby boy from trying to come out feet first. sounds intense.

pretty uncomfortable at 34 weeks but that is to be expected. it’s painful to walk or move around. mostly¬†abdominal and hip pain. i have gained a total of 50 lbs which i never thought would be possible. i gained just 3lbs in this last week so i am hoping that means the babies are fattening up! our next appt with the maternal fetal medicine doctor is tuesday so we’ll get to find out their weights and measurements. fingers crossed they’re over 5lbs each!! i sure do feel like i have 10lbs of baby on there. needless to say – i don’t do much these days besides sit on my couch and read and think about these babies. i am extremely grateful to have a husband that is more than willing to pick up the slack. he has been so helpful and doing absolutely everything for me on top of working long days at the office.

our sweet baby boy is going to be such a snuggler.. how do i know? because he is CONSTANTLY wedging himself up into my right ribs. he loves being up there. i can actually feel him squirming to get in there. this is painful but so dang cute at the same time that i have to laugh about it while clenching my teeth. penelope just loves to play. she usually stays pressed against my tummy and if you push on a limb she will push back and if you stop she’ll run her hand or foot along my tummy looking for you. and she will do this all day long.

symptoms:: i have definitely been having contractions. i believe they’re braxton hicks because they’re not painful. my stomach just gets really tight and hard for about 30 seconds and i feel a lot of pressure before it goes away. i get swollen if i try to do anything or go anywhere. i am definitely retaining water at this point – in my face and neck, hands and legs. gums are super sensitive and bleed a lot when i brush my teeth. i do not sleep! maybe 20 minutes every couple hours but that’s about it. all my momma friends keep asking if i’m constipated yet but luckily enough i have not experienced that! maybe it’s all the water i drink.. who knows. i feel great though!! i really do. aside from the pain that is well worth these two little angels, i just feel happy and so anxious to see them and hold them in my arms.

oh happy mothers day! darin spoiled me with flowers, the sweetest mothers day card and a prenatal massage at the kura door which i will absolutely be using this week. my grandpa came in to town for the weekend from california so the three of us got to go to breakfast for mothers day before he headed out.

i just love these babies so much! we tried for what felt like forever to have a baby and we were blessed with¬†two! i’ll never forget the feelings i had in the two years of trying and not succeeding. it makes me that much more grateful for these little loves of ours. we cannot wait to hold them in our arms and see their little faces.

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