imagei can hardly believe it. 36 weeks today. we MADE IT! this was our ultimate goal in the very beginning and we did it.

i have to say, i could not have done this with out my husband, darin. he has been so incredibly helpful and understanding through this entire pregnancy.  he stayed calm when i was being irrational, he picked up milkshakes for me on the way home from a 10 hour work day, he rubbed my back or feet any time i needed it. he has made me feel beautiful no mater how big i was feeling (and actually getting!). he has made sure that i have been taken care of for the past 9 months – physically and emotionally. i know that he has played a big part in this pregnancy being such a breeze. i haven’t had a thing to stress about. he has been so happy with me through out this entire journey. and it is at the point where he is doing almost everything for me now and i know that can’t be easy when you’re working over 50 hours a week, but he is doing it. so i have darin to thank for helping me to keep these babies baking for 36 weeks. he has been my everything and i am so incredibly happy that my babies will have him as their daddy.

we had an appt with dr byno last week and she checked my cervix finally! (this wasn’t so fun, bytheway) no sign of labor whatsoever. baby girl looks like she is headed booty down so we have a scheduled cesarean on june 5th. that’s in two weeks! however, i have been feeling like i would be fine going until they are ready to come on their own. i’ve never been super comfortable with the idea of inducing so i don’t know how i feel about having them cut out on a scheduled date. i would feel better if i went in to labor naturally and then headed to the hospital for the cesarean. we’ll see what my dr says next week though. my main concern is the babies health so whatever dr byno suggests – i will do!  non-stress tests are weekly now and so far so good on those.

so whats happening:: i am huge and it’s all in the belly, and so incredibly uncomfortable at times. sleeping can be rough but you just gotta find the right positions for your body! if i had a recliner i would be in heaven. i’ve sat in a couple and could have stayed in them for HOURS, maybe even days. but i don’t and so i makeshift with pillows. if i get pregnant with twins again i will absolutely be purchasing a recliner to sleep in towards the end.
the water retention is getting worse. my lower legs, ankles and feet can get pretty large if i am standing or even if i just don’t have my feet up. solution:: have husband massage calves to circulate blood flow, drink LOTS of water and keep your feet up!
my skin is stretching pretty good. i really don’t know how i am still growing but it is amazing. i take baths in almond oil and that is helping a lot. it’s so itchy though everywhere!! especially my legs. i read that the hormones your body produces dries out your skin pretty bad. so that’s happening. lots of pure oils and butters all day long!

i am at the point where i feel like they could come at any moment. if we go somewhere i always imagine the scenario of going in to labor and how it would all play out. at the same time – i feel like they could just bake forever! our next appt is thursday so we’ll see what the dr says then.  either way, we are ready to go!


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