thirtythree weeks


imageweek: 33

your sizes: precious honeydews!

my weight: 161.3

what’s happening:: getting REAL hard to move around! i can usually get up to wash a couple of dishes but then i have to sit back down and catch my breath.  it’s pretty funny. we try and go on walks since i’m not on my feet much anymore. i move real slow.

our next appt with the ob/gyn is monday. we’ll find out their positions and hear their little heartbeats. we’ll also be discussing a birth plan since we’re at the point where we could have them at any time.

i get nervous some days. i’m part of a ‘moms of multiples’ group on face book and all the women that have had their babies tell their stories of how they had a perfectly healthy normal pregnancy, and out of the blue their water broke anywhere from 33-35 weeks. i couldn’t imagine that happening right now! i feel like i have a good few more weeks in me but you truly just never know with twins. i’m just so anxious and curious to KNOW how it will happen for me. will my water break weeks early? will i go all the way to 38 weeks, unable to move because of how big i am? i just wanna know!  we’re prepared  for anything… maybe not to much mentally, but my hospital bag is definitely packed and ready to go.


what i’m wearing? i gave in and bought another maternity shirt, even if i only get to wear it for a few more weeks.  i wanted to feel SOMEWHAT cute while i lay around my house, geez. 

stretch marks? no, and our skin is absolutely incredible that it can stretch this much and not just rip open. even though sometimes it feels like it could rip open.

sleep? not so much. i wake up in pain from the growing (round ligament pain) and have to sit up in bed till it goes away. some times i can lay back down and i’m fine and some times not. i get a little bummed and then one of the babies will push on me, as if they’re looking for me, and i push back from the outside and i swear we have a real special moment together.

cravings? nothing new really. just trying to eat extremely healthy for the babes. they’re putting on fat now and getting ready to come in to this world!

belly button in or out? kind of non-existent right now.

symptoms? major back ache, round ligament pain and itchiness!

best moment of the week? using our double-stroller!  my really good friend, gina came over with her husband and twins – chancy and vanessa. most well-behaved children i have ever met by the way. we had dinner at our place and wanted to walk to get some frozen yogurt so we got to test out our stroller with them in it. i probably got annoying with how much i kept talking about it the entire walk. it was like riding in a brand new car for some people i am sure. baby jogger, city select double! best stroller around. thank you AGAIN grandpa gary (i love you to pieces).

what i am looking forward to: i REALLY really want to get in to a pool at least ONCE before giving birth. i hear it’s such a stress reliever on the bod. i’m hoping SOMEONEs pool opens before they get here! 


loving my babies


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