they’re here!!

IMG_0849TWO WEEKS POSTPARTUM and it feels so good!

thursday, may 28th we went in for a regular check up appt and my blood pressure was a bit higher than they wanted to see. there was also some protein in my urine which is not a good sign. we were seeing a different ob/gyn because dr. byno was off that week. so dr. schwartsman gave her a call and they decided we should head over to labor and delivery for monitoring. she also mentioned that if they felt i was at any risk they would “take the babies TODAY.” ¬†darin and i looked at each other in disbelief. i definitely was not mentally prepared for the babies to come t o d a y. so we drive over to lds hospital and they have me change in to a gown in the actual labor room. it felt pretty surreal and i started to get nervous that it would actually be happening that day. my blood pressure stayed high for awhile which i am convinced was due to the setting we were in and thinking that the babies¬†might be making an appearance. a few hours in and my blood pressure starts looking better. then dr. byno shows up! she tells us that if i have 2 more spikes within the next hour, she’s going to take them out.

LONG story short – the babies were born !

may 28th 2015

i’ll be posting the entire birth story as soon as i have some free time. until then, i’ll be figuring out how to breast feed two new borns!!!


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