babes are 7 months

they tell you it goes by so fast – but they don’t tell you how literal that statement actually is. the first few months is all a blur now which is why i am so thankful i kept baby books on each of them! i just started printing photos to put in those books too and i can’t believe how tiny they were! here is the first three WEEKS of their lives –










and now look at them – all grown up at 7 months old –


my dezmond is so active, rolling around everywhere he possibly can. he started to scoot forward a little to grab things but he hasn’t quite figured out how to get on his knees AND hands at the same time. he’s generally happy and can sometimes entertain himself. a lot of the time however, he wants to be held and played with or else he will fuss and whine. there are never any tears though so i don’t always give in, haha. i do want him to be a little bit more independent. i think with time he will learn how to be. he has just been babied his entire life because he had such a sensitive tummy the first 4 months of life. i felt so bad that he was in pain so any little whimper he would give out – momma would run to pick him up and console him and comfort him. which i don’t see anything wrong with at all – it is just showing now that he knows he can get whatever he wants with some noises and soft stares into my eyes. he is the sweetest little boy and so loving and cuddly. he plays with my hair anytime i am laying next to him or feeding him. dezmond is extremely curious and wants to grab everything in sight, especially cords. and he is such a flirt! i can’t take him anywhere without him shooting smiles at ladies and making them giggle at him and want to rush over to see more.

as for my darling penelope – she is strong and extremely independent. she never cries or “complains” unless there is something very specific bothering her. if she has a dirty diaper she will let you know immediately with sounds of gasping and grunting. if she is hungry (which is rare) she will give out a small yell and wait for her bottle patiently. if she’s tired she’ll find her pacifier and moan a little until you lay her in a soft ┬áblanket so that she can put herself to sleep. it’s amazing i tell you! my little independent baby. she loves to sit up and play with toys or just examine her hands or the blanket in front of her. she is easily entertained by anything and laughs at nothing. she doesn’t roll and i think it’s only because she doesn’t want to. she’s perfectly content just sitting straight up and seeing the world that way. she hates being on her tummy. i believe she will one day just stand up all on her own and start walking around while no one is looking.

these guys talk so much now. there are no real words but lots of different sounds with their tongue now. they both say “dada” but we’re not sure they know what it means. we love you babies!


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