it’s time

i have decided it is TIME to get myself in to shape and make some serious progress on our family debt. two pretty big and important things in life, no?   health and finances.

to kick off our 'getting out of debt' plan – we will be taking a "no spend month" challenge starting tomorrow, august 1st. i'm pretty excited about this because for one, we spend way too much money that we don't necessarily have, on extra things that we definitely do not need.  we're going to get caught up and then be able to get ahead easier. obviously the few exceptions are: bills, groceries and gasoline. and i will buy only the absolute necessities when at the grocery store. we can do this!

as far as health goes – we're going to be eating mostly paleo and getting ourselves to be more active through out the day. whether it's jogging in the morning before work or going to the gym after work.  my goal is to get a little more intense with the fitness thing but i don't want to put too many things on my plate at once.

so august will be the perfect start to these two very important topics.

on other notes !

we put the kids in a dance class that starts on august 30th and i could not be more excited. this is a big reason why i wanted to do the 'no spend month' – so that we could afford for our kids to participate in things like this.  i can't wait to see how they do. they will have each other which i debated about. i had the option of putting them in the same class but on different days.  but in the end i decided it would be really good for them to watch how the other is interacting and follow lead.  hopefully it doesn't back fire on me and the one acting out or not listening takes the lead…

i also found the most amazing place today. a cute little cafe that has a built in play place for kids!!  as cliche as it felt – it was a glorious 2 hours, sitting upstairs in a quaint little coffee shop with a couple of girlfriends, chatting about life and our children while sipping delicious caffeinated beverages. and all of our kids played happily downstairs where we could see them. it's located in salt lake city. i didn't know until i got there that it cost money – but it was only $3 per child since it was after 3:00.  before that time, it's $6 per child. which to me, is completely worth it to be able to sit and chat with friends and not have to worry about your kid disappearing or running off into the street. or falling off the playground. it's all very clean and safe feeling. they also have daily events happening like music mondays which we will be trying out next week.

here's to AUGUST! full of early mornings, productive days and a happy family.



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