a dollar spent

we spent money! and this is where the no spend month gets challenging.. hence why it’s called a challenge! we wanted to go for a walk last night, so without question – we started putting our shoes on and decided we’d walk up the street and buy our kids an ice cream, being that it was still 80 degrees outside at 8:00pm. it was my mom (who was visiting for the week) that brought it to our attention that we’d be spending money. darin and i both stopped in our tracks and realized we had to make a decision. do we break our challenge? or do we stick strong and explain to our adorable little 2 year olds that because mommy and daddy weren’t smart with their money for a few months, we’re on a spending freeze and that means that they have to suffer with us??  no. we bought our kids ice cream. and it cost us $1.03. it was worth every penny to see the chocolate running down their smiling faces.  point of the story – you can decide to spend money during your no spend month challenge – but here’s my advice: keep the receipt and document any money spent that wasn’t absolutely necessary. so that you can see where that extra money is going and if it was worth it.  this doesn’t mean we’re spending money now! we’re back to no spending and we’ve marked on our calendar that we had a SLIP up. we’re still just getting in to the HABIT of not spending, which is a hard habit to create.

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