No spend month

Well, we are officially into our no spend month! You don’t realize how much money you spend on crap until you do something like this. I went to target to just check out and price their ballet outfits and it was almost impossible to get out of there without buying a coffee drink, a fruit snack for the kids at the register, or the cutest tee shirt ever for Dezmond. I caught myself saying in my head “it’s only $5. It’s only $3.” If I would have allowed myself to purchase each item that I wanted, without thinking about it, I would have walked out of there spending over $20 than needed! But NOW – I just saved myself $20 (if not more) and I will look elsewhere for a better priced leotard for Penelope. Way to go – me !

It feels good to hit the re-set button on our spending habits. August is basically like a money fast – so that September can be a fresh start for us!

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