IMG_0102week: 32

your sizes: BIG squash. over 4 lbs each!!

my weight: 160.7 – never thought i would be happy to see that kind of number on the scale. grow babies, grow!

what’s happening:: yesterday was my last day of work and it could not have come sooner! i probably should have stopped working weeks ago but i am glad i made it to 32 weeks on my feet. if this was a singleton pregnancy i am sure i’d be fine to keep going. but considering i am double the weight and size… it’s time to relax and keep these babies in there for as long as my body will allow.

still no name for boy. zeppelin is my #1 choice, henry and then clyde. as for darin – he’s just not sure at all. he wants to see his son before putting a name on him. i can understand that because he’s not developing the relationship with them that i have by carrying them and feeling them every day. i know that my little penelope elizabeth is in there just waiting to come out and meet us. and i FEEL like i have a zeppelin in there too!! but i know that darin needs to be sure about it. and if he goes with something else i am completely ok with that! it’s his son too.


what i’m wearing? well considering i don’t have to leave the house anymore – PAJAMAS!  

stretch marks? i want to say none, but the skin around my belly button is SO stretched thin that i could be getting some there.  not positive though. and if they are i’m ok with it. because these babies need more room to grow big and healthy. they can stretch my tummy out all they want!  my little lovebugs.

sleep? there were a couple nights last week that i actually slept! aside from waking to pee 3 times, i was able to sleep through the night with no pain. it was the greatest feeling. lately however, these babies get REAL active once i lay down. you’d swear they were trying to just swim around kicking their little legs as fast as they can. it’s pretty dang cute.

cravings? still craving chocolate and sometimes the milkshakes. also lots of fruits and veggies!

belly button in or out? in and out again. mostly flat.

symptoms? back ache mostly now. and water retention! i get real puffy some days.

best moment of the week? having my last day at work! it was bitter-sweet because i love my job at whole foods, but it was definitely time to stop working. i’ll be back though! just part-time. it’ll be nice to get out for a few hours a week.   

what i am looking forward to: relaxing this week. finishing the house preparations for babies. finishing babies room. 


thirtyone weeks

imageweek: 31

your sizes: pineapples! penelope weighing in at 3.10 lbs & baby boy 3.12 lbs.

my weight: 158 (that’s a total weight gain of 40 lbs so far)

what’s happening:: it’s getting more uncomfortable to do things. i feel like i have one or two more weeks that i can get ready for the babies and then i will be out of commission.

did we decide on a name for our little adventurer?? clyde? i do love it. i think darin needs to see him first to confirm and so we wait.

the babies room is coming together. i’ll have to post pictures when it’s done. it’s been fun trying to make a tiny apartment bedroom fit two babies needs. i’m now just focusing on organization and decor, since we pretty much have everything we need. speaking of… family and friends (and even strangers) have been so incredibly generous through out these past 8 months.  we feel so blessed and so lucky to have the people that we have in our lives. just the other day my grandpa decided he wanted to get us our stroller (the baby jogger, city select double). and let me just tell you, durable double strollers are NOT cheap these days. i wanted to cry and squeeze him. i am so grateful for these generous gifts! my parents, my insanely caring and giving parents gave us a car. i say insanely – because who just gives their child a practically new car just because they’re having babies?  well, my dad does. we couldn’t be more thankful for it. we thought we were going to go into more debt to purchase a safe four door vehicle for these babes. we are forever in debt to them. and of course darin’s parents who have sent us things from a new comfortable bed for us to cribs for the babies. my grammy, grandpa and aunts & uncles got us two baby swings that I know are going to save our lives. i don’t know how to thank our family! i’ve never felt so much love before. these babies will grow up knowing how much they are loved and how important family is. i want them so badly to have a special relationship with each grandparent. i wish we could all live in a culdesac together somehow!


what i’m wearing? cotton maxi skirts are nice!  why didn’t i think of these before?  

stretch marks? none.

sleep? it’s actually getting painful to sleep. i’ve tried body pillows and they make it kind of worse. some times i can get in a position with my regular pillows that will allow me to sleep for a couple hours until i wake up with a sharp tearing feeling in my lower abdominal area.  and then it takes me about 5 painful minutes to turn to my other side. there’s been a couple times i have actually gotten stuck on my back because it hurt so bad and i had to have darin help me sit up. it doesn’t hurt when i’m up! but i’ve tried sleeping sitting up and it pinches  nerves in my back and sends shooting pain up and down it. i can’t win!! but i’m just accepting that i wont be sleeping anymore. i don’t get frustrated about it. it just is what it is. and if i have to be awake through the night it’s ok. because soon we will have little precious babies to be awake with.

cravings? SWEETS. mostly chocolate. i have pretty much cut most carbs and sugars from my diet. it’s hard! and it makes me want those things even more so. but i need to keep my levels down for our babies.

belly button in or out? in and out again. mostly flat.

symptoms? acid reflux hasn’t been making as much of an appearance lately, but the swelling is getting worse. if i stay off my feet i’m ok but when i start movin the ankles puff right up. the back ache is getting worse due to all the weight i have in front now.

best moment of the week? being sent to a gestational diabetes class because my glucose test came back high, and then being given an at home tester to use 4 times a day and my levels being great! i know that cutting sugar has made a huge difference because i had ONE milkshake today and my levels were way too high. my body just doesn’t produce enough insulin right now to break it down. 

what i am looking forward to: FRIDAY. my last day working full-time at whole foods market. i will begin my maternity leave and possibly have up to 25 weeks with a short term disability claim. at the end of my leave i will return to work but only one to two days a week. 



IMG_9983week: 30

your sizes:cucumbers!

my weight: 155.3

what’s happening:: definitely seeing the not so pretty parts of pregnancy now. but considering my body waited till 30 weeks for any of it i am more than fine with it !

finished our birthing class today. we both really enjoyed it for the most part and learned quite a bit. something the instructor made us think about was what our ideal birth would be. most of it is the obvious – quick and painless. but for me having a higher risk of cesarean and other complications i have a lot to hope for. and so i hope for a vaginal birth requiring a very low dose of medicine from the epidural (i had no idea you can control how much meds you get from it). needing no assistance of tools (clamps etc…) healthy weighing babies that both want to come out one after the other without tearing their momma. and NOT having to have a cesarean on top of a vaginal birth (that’s actually my biggest fear). OR, just scheduling a cesarean and knowing exactly what to expect from it! that will happen if baby boy is still transverse (sideways in my pelvis) when it’s go time.

i can’t believe we’re at 30 weeks! to think that in just a short couple of months we will be holding our babies in our arms, in our home. we still need a name for the boy. darin is just having a really hard time with this. it’ll hopefully come to us before the big day.


what i’m wearing? pj pants and a couple of maternity tops i have left that fit.  

stretch marks? nope.

sleep? i really think this is just my body preparing itself for when the babies are here and i literally will not be getting any sleep at all.

cravings? milkshakes but i am trying to limit my sugar intake. my score was a little high from my glucose test. which just means my body isn’t processing sugar very well due to all of the other hormones that are running through it.

belly button in or out? pretty much out. but not all the way yet.

symptoms? acid reflux a lot at night. the swelling has begun!! i can’t walk or stand for too long otherwise my poor ankles get puffy. my hands are a little swollen and i can’t fit my wedding ring on. my right foot has some swelling in the arch and it actually hurts a lot. my OB said if it persists she is going to send me to a pediatrist. i think the worst thing is the back aches. i can’t sit or stand OR LAY for too long or it gets pretty bad.

best moment of the week? the babies were still and i was relaxing in bed when darin got home and he started talking and the babies started moving all over the place. it was really sweet.  we also found our stroller! baby jogger city select double. we tried it out today and it’s perfect for us. very durable and easy to use and fold. success!  now to save the $600 for it… eek.

what I am looking forward to: our maternal fetal med appt. this wednesday. i can’t wait to see how much they are weighing in at. and i can’t wait to see their cute little faces again!!  it’s been about 4 weeks since we last saw them. our bi-weekly appt’s with our OB are just quick little check ups and we get to hear the heartbeats.

UT BB shower

DSC_4280 DSC_4271 DSC_4264 DSC_4245 DSC_4241 DSC_4240 DSC_4238 DSC_4220 DSC_4211 DSC_4206 DSC_4200 DSC_4191 DSC_4168_1 DSC_4166 DSC_4157 DSC_4150 DSC_4142 DSC_4140 DSC_4132 DSC_4129 DSC_4113 DSC_4087 DSC_4064 DSC_4063 DSC_4062 DSC_4061 DSC_4058 DSC_4057 DSC_4056 DSC_4054 DSC_4053 DSC_4052 DSC_4047 DSC_4046 DSC_4045thank you to denise, monique, kiley and courtney for this beautiful baby shower they held for me. it was perfect in every way! if anyone needs a party planner denise is your girl! she is incredible when it comes to these events. i’m so happy i had her to do our baby shower.
DSC_4042 DSC_4040 DSC_4038
DSC_4033 DSC_4031 DSC_4030 DSC_4023

twenynine weeks

29weekweek: 29

your sizes: beets

my weight: 153

what’s happening:: i feel like i am entering the extremely uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. i’m huge! i measure 40 weeks for a singleton pregnancy. and we’ve still got at LEAST 7 more weeks to go. these babies have grown a LOT in the past few weeks which makes me SO happy. it’s really hard to move around and when i do i’m completely out of breath and exhausted. no joke, i walk from one room to another and i feel like i’ve just worked out for an hour straight. it’s entertaining to say the least. i’m thinking i will only be able to work for a couple of more weeks. i have an appt with dr byno tomorrow so we will see what she says.

the babies room is coming together! we just need a few more things. i don’t have too much decor up yet because i’ve been so busy making sure i had the things we actually needed. but i would love to put their initials on the wall along with some pictures. hopefully that happens before they get here. im starting to feel like that could be any week now. they say the AVERAGE delivery time for twins is 35 weeks. average meaning it could be a couple weeks before or after 35 weeks. our goal is 36 weeks and i am praying they stay in there until then so that they can get to a healthy weight and we can get everything done to the apartment that we need to!


what i’m wearing? target pj pants that look somewhat like leggings. theyre the only things that don’t cut off my circulation under my belly. and i probably have 3 shirts i can still wear that are long enough. 

stretch marks? nope.

sleep? ROUGH. there are only a few nights a week that i get decent sleep. the other nights i toss and turn in pain or dis comfort. it’s all for you babies!!

cravings? milkshakes! i love a good chocolate milk shake these days. i wish my dad lived closer because he makes the best peanut butter shakes.

belly button in or out? pretty much out. but not all the way yet.

symptoms? same things: acid reflux, leg cramps, fatigue & itchy skin.  the back aches are getting REAL bad though.

best moment of the week? i was spooning darin the other night while we were watching a movie in bed, and out of no where one of the babies started turbo kicking my belly right where it was touching darins back! it was the craziest and funniest thing. he felt it because it was such hard kicking. it was almost like they knew he was right there and wanted to play with him.  

what I am looking forward to: our second birthing class on saturday. we had our first class last saturday and it was very informational. we learned all of the signs of labor that we really had no idea about. i always just pictured in my head that a woman’s water broke and she went to the hospital and gave birth! little did we know that only 10% of women actually go through that process of the water breaking on it’s own. 

twentyseven weeks

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.34.21 AM::third trimester::

week: 27 !

your sizes: rutabagas! and each well over 2.5 lbs.

my weight: 149

what’s happening:: it’s getting harder to work. i really thought i would make it halfway through april at LEAST but at this rate i am not sure! strangers ask me on a daily basis if i am due any day now, or about to pop. two and a half more months guys!


what i’m wearing? my comfiest leggings. most of my maternity shirts aren’t even fitting me anymore. this belly is big!

stretch marks? nope.

sleep? some nights, sleep is non-existent. 

cravings? nutrient enriched foods! all i can think about is that the babies are getting everything i am putting in to my body so i am kind of obsessed with only feeding them good things that i know they will get nutrients from.

belly button in or out? it comes in and out ! i think the babes are playing games with me and pushing it out.

symptoms? acid reflux is a big one still, only in the evenings though when i am laying down. my legs feel like they’re on fire at times. maybe that’s from the weight gain. which is almost 30 lbs total bytheway! so happy about that. i was worried gaining might be a problem for me but it hasn’t seemed to be. fatigue! im usually really good in the mornings and have lots of energy. by the time 4 or 5pm rolls around im done and i need to be in pjs on my couch. itchy skin takes over at times. i’ve realized it has a lot to do with the material on my skin. go figure. the only solution is taking the clothes off or climbing in to a warm oatmeal bath. so soothing to the skin.

best moment of the week? watching little penelope roll around in my belly. and feeling baby boy pratically grab onto a hip bone to turn himself around. 

what I am looking forward to: settling on a name for our baby boy. I am still loving zeppelin, oliver and clyde. I think darin likes clyde a lot. clyde daniel rolfe. clyde & penelope. it’s pretty cute! 

twentysix weeks

imageweek: 26

your sizes: papayas!

my weight: 145

what’s happening:: our babies are so big!! i love them so much. i LOVE feeling them. they push and roll around every day and night. our next appt is with the maternal fetal med Dr. on wednesday. i can’t wait to see how much they’ve actually grown and where they are positioned at now.

here are some questions i get asked a lot that i should probably be answering every week on here but i’ll start now. 

what i’m wearing? all leggings now and any long shirts i own that don’t ride up my belly !

stretch marks? nada !  i’ve been religiously using aloe vera after every shower and pure shea butter about 3 times a day.

sleep? is getting rough. it’s hard to fall asleep because i am very uncomfortable when i first get in to bed. but when i wake up in the morning (usually around 6:30am) i want nothing more than to just lay there for 5 more hours because my body finally feels relaxed!

cravings? nothing in particular. unless you count the smashburger i insist darin pick up after work a couple times a week… but other than that i just want to eat everything in site. i’ve been keepin it clean for the babies. all natural – hormone free meats and mostly organic produce.

belly button in or out? not fully out but it it is still creepin!

symptoms? lots of back pain, mostly when i am first going to bed though. acid reflux, again only when going to bed. swollen ankles when i went to california last weekend. that was a first. i feel like it had to do with the 10 hour drive down and then walking all the next day in 90 degree weather because i have not gotten swollen anything and i am usually working over 8 hour days on my feet. oooh the leg cramps. it happens maybe once a week – i am woken up by an extremely painful cramping, or what feels like a charlie horse in my thigh or calf. not so fun. but then a baby pushes it’s little foot into my tummy and i could care less about the excruciating pain in my leg.

best moment of the week? my california baby shower by far. all of my family made it out and these babies were spoiled beyond imaginable. i was not expecting half the stuff we got for them. our cribs from darins family, two swings from my family, so many adorable baby clothes and gift cards to help with the rest. we have some of the most amazing friends and family that gave us some incredible stuff, that we really needed! words cannot express how grateful we are for everyone in our lives at this time. i wasn’t sure how we were going to do this but it is working out and i couldn’t feel anymore blessed than i do. 

what I am looking forward to: my utah baby shower that my sister in law, denise is throwing for us with the help from my two good friends who i love dearly – kiley and courtney. 

twentyfive weeks

imageweek: 25

my weight:144.6

your sizes: cauliflowers !

whats happening:: undeniably getting bigger! which just means the babies are growing. our next appt with the MFM is March 18th so we’ll get to know their weight and sizes. i certainly feel like they’ve grown a lot since the last appt! I feel them both moving quite a bit. it’s usually around 7:00pm when I’m whinding down. you’d think they were taking turns playing steamroller – when you roll on top of each other. it’s the cutest thing. i get a little bit of heart burn here and there but nothing too painful and not for very long ever. no feet swelling yet!! but they do hurt when I’m on them for too long. the belly button is making an appearance!!! i have a photo shoot scheduled with a friend on march 20th that im pretty excited about. will def be posting photos from that.

this last weekend we were in las vegas, darin for work and me for some serious relaxation. I’ve been working as much as I possibly can before I cant work anymore. which usually means 7 days a week. that can be tough some times but i’m doing it for our littles.  and my job (at whole foods) is gracious enough to give me a chair to sit in when I need to. I also work at a hair salon part-time. it’s hard to build clientele when you know you’re not going to be able to re-book any new clients for months. so this mini babymoon couldn’t have come at a better time! i have to admit I felt a little silly going to party central when i am pregnant but we stayed at the renassaince hotel which is more of a business center. no smoking in doors and no casino in the hotel. it was actually really nice and relaxing. I did make an appearance at the pool but I kept the babes covered. I was too worried about burning my belly. i got a lot of compliments and a lot of inquiries. it turned out to be the perfect mini vacay. everyone around me made me feel really good about being pregnant and out doing normal things. thank you las vegas!

twentyfour weeks

imageweek: 24

my weight: 141.1

your sizes: two ears of corn

what’s happening:: i can now see the babies movements from the outside of my tummy. they’re usually quick little kicks or punches. i imagine there isn’t much room for the both of them in there so they’re constantly pushing each other out of the way. or they’re perfectly snuggled together and playing with each other when they’re awake. i wish i had a safe x-ray machine that i could stand in front of and just watch them all day long.

what i’m eating:: for breakfast it’s usually cereal first.  my go to brand is three sisters from whole foods. i can’t get enough of the graham crackers one at the moment. it’s so good! that’s usually the first thing i do when i wake up because i feel like i have been starving for days. shortly after that i’ll have a fage yogurt. followed by some pancakes or waffles. unless darin’s home, then we make breakfast burritos!  lunch usually consists of pb&j with kale blueberry salad, a strawberry protein drink and vegan chocolate chip cookie. i never make it all the way to dinner without eating another full meal, or at least snacking constantly. by the time darin and i both get home from work it’s almost 8:00pm and neither one of us wants to stand in the kitchen cooking so we usually make it pretty easy. homemade bean burritos, tacos or even just pasta. i’d like to make a little bit healthier dinners but working 8 to 9 hours a day makes that rough sometimes. i need a live in chef/house cleaner. wouldn’t that be a dream?image

i really can’t wait for our babies to be here. my biggest worry has been the thought of them both feeling 100% of their mothers love. when you have one baby that’s easy. all of your time and attention goes to them. but with two… how will i be able to give my undivided attention to them both at the same time through-out their waking existence. everything i have read says to get them on the same schedule as soon as you possibly can to keep your sanity. but what if i got them on opposite schedules, so that when one is sleeping i can love and cherish the other. that way neither of them would ever be sitting there watching me love the other more. AHH. it’s so hard to think about. i picture myself having both of their little heads in each of my hands at all times desperately making sure that they both can see my eyes on them and feel my love for them. counting equal kisses on both of their little faces.