sixteen weeks



week: 16

my weight: 129

your sizes: avocados

what’s happening:: i love every bit of this pregnancy. the viens on my legs and boobies, the headaches, the throbbing feet. i love it all! it’s just a reminder of what is happening within. it took us awhile to get pregnant but we didn’t have to go through anything difficult and for that i am forever grateful.

12 week appointment

we saw the maternal fetal medicine (MFM) doctor today. because we’re considered high risk with twins we’ll be seeing our OB/GYN and the MFM every four weeks in the beginning. the technician took a lot of measurements of both babies and listened to their heart beats. it was a pretty exciting appointment and we got a really good ultra sound of each babe. i asked if she could tell the genders and she said she could look and give us her best guess.

a boy and a girl !  but she made us promise not to hold her to it because it is still a little too early to know for sure. oh how i hope she is right though!babes


thanksgiving announcement

It was near impossible to wait this long to tell our families but we managed! Darin did tell his brother Kevin and I of course told my sister Desiree a fews weeks ago.

We invited both of our parents and whatever siblings could come up for Thanksgiving to Darin’s sister Denise’s house.  At this point I am 11 weeks and have the smallest bump, which was probably mostly just early pregnancy bloating, but it was definitely there. Needless to say, I wore a puffy jacket all afternoon before we could get both of our moms in the same room with our dads close by.  When it finally happened we jumped at the opportunity and bee-lined it to the kitchen.  We began to tell our moms that we wanted to give them something, a teaspoon with an engraving on it. We handed them their spoons and let them see what was on it. “we’re expecting” with a pair of baby feet underneath. My mom let out a scream that I have not heard before and everyone came in to the kitchen.  Our dads were the first ones to the scene, just as planned! Darin is hugging his mom and sharing tears of joy while my mom jumps up and down screaming “we’re expecting!!! we’re expecting!!!!”  Once everyone realizes what has happened I turn to my dad and tell him there’s a mistake on the spoons so I’ll have to get them fixed. Just as I thought he puts his glasses on and takes the spoon from me and looks closely and asks “whats the misprint?” I tell him there are suppose to be TWO pairs of feet engraved but there’s only one… it takes every one just a second to get it. “two pairs?….. twins..???” YUP.  “Holy Moly” Dad says. And the celebration picks back up. It couldn’t have worked out better! Darin’s parents, Kevin, Denise & her family and Monique & hers were all there. My parents and Jordan were there with Desiree on FaceTime. It was so special and so perfect. IMG_7924

The first ultra sound. and a little surprise.

i called my OB the next day after finding out I was pregnant and her nurse told me she doesn’t see her pregnant patients before 10 weeks after finding out. 10 weeks?!?!?!

we had to wait 10 weeks till we could hear a heartbeat or even confirm the realness of this. Talk about torture.

i am sure you can imagine how many pregnancy tests I took in between those 10 weeks. Or how hard it was for me to not tell anyone? Near impossible. So I spilled the beans to Courtney almost immediately. How could I not? She knew how we had been trying, and how desperately bad I wanted a baby of my own. I had been with her the whole day before finding out. And the hardest part of all is we work together almost everyday and get coffee together a few times a week. She would have found out on her own the second I saw her either way when I ordered a decaf coffee. It felt so good to tell someone after 5 days of knowing. It made it feel a little more real. Those 10 weeks could not have gone ANY slower.

November 24th – our appointment with Dr. Byno is HERE!! I hardly slept the night before. I had feelings of doubt like you would never know. Getting ready that morning for this appointment was very uncomfortable for some reason. I was just so nervous and anxious. I didn’t know how I was going to handle my Dr. not being able to find a heartbeat, or telling me my hormone’s were playing a trick on me and giving me 20 positive tests when I’m really not pregnant. It’s all I could think about. We probably sat in the waiting room for about 5 minutes and it felt like 15. They called me back to give a urine sample, I assumed to confirm the pregnancy? I went back out to the waiting room with Darin and sat for another 5 minutes, which felt like an eternity. The nurse called my name and took us to Dr. Bynos room. She asked me a few questions and I couldn’t stand it anymore so I said “the pee test said I was pregnant?” and she giggled and said “yes, you are pregnant” she left the room to get the Doctor and I undressed and put on the cute hospital looking gown. The excitement finally began to settle in since someone else had actually confirmed I was truly pregnant.IMG_2920

Dr. Byno comes in and gets right to it. She used a probe like ultra sound to get the best view of our baby. The screen was turned from us while she was looking and this just made me feel even more anxious. Finally after a few minutes she says “oh” and takes the probe out. “we’re going to go from above to get a better view” At this point I am assuming she has definitely seen the baby so I’m panicking a little less. She puts the gel on my tummy and starts looking around again this time with the ultrasound stick on my stomach. Dr. Byno gets the view she wants on her screen and says to us in the most mellow tone, “Now don’t freak out, but there’s two”.  The first thing that pops in to my head is – TWO WHAT!? She turns the screen to us and there are TWO babies. TWINS! I begin laughing uncontrollably and Darin tears up and squeezes my arm. Two little babies. My first feeling was fear, because I knew having twins was a risk. My Dr. then told me they had their own sacs and their own placentas which is the lowest risk twins. I immediately felt so much relief and so much excitement at the same time come rushing in. Two little angels. How did we get to be so blessed? IMG_7886I wanted a baby so bad and I was getting two.

after our appointment we went to the village inn to celebrate with pancakes!IMG_7887 the feeling was so surreal.



Darin had to drop me off at work at Whole Foods after breakfast and I couldn’t contain myself. I told the entire store I was pregnant and with twins. They were so ecstatic for us. It felt SO good to tell people and to have others be just as excited as I was to be carrying these sweet babes.

nine weeks

Week: 9

My Weight: 120.3

Your size: A Grape

What’s Happening: Eating cereal and pancakes for almost every meal. Hungry all the time! Complete exhaustion during the day. Small headaches here and there but nothing too gnarly. No morning sickness!!

Names: Boy – Oliver, Clyde.  Girl – Penelope! Ruby.

six weeks


6weeksWeek: 6!

My weight: 118.2 lbs

Your size: Sweat pea

What’s happening: Feeling extra tired through-out the day. The fatigue settles in around the afternoon and sometimes I don’t know how I will go on. Extremely sensitive boobies!

There are moments where I don’t even know if this is real. Am I really pregnant? I haven’t seen or felt anything so how do I know?  A line on a plastic test says so and so therefore I am. It’s just so hard to believe.


the morning after

Woke up this morning feeling so many mixed and incredible feelings. I want to tell everyone I know that I am pregnant ! But I will wait for at LEAST 10 weeks. Just to be safe.

Technically I am 4 weeks!

Current weight: 117

Your size: Poppy Seed

What’s happening: Quit coffee cold-turkey. I know some say it’s safe to get up to 200 ML of caffeine a day but I’ve also read the harm it can possibly cause to your fetus. I feel so incredibly lucky considering how long it took us to get here, that I’m choosing to do everything in my power to keep this baby as healthy and as strong as possible.


I mostly hand write in my journal at home (I know, weird) but I decided that since we are PREGNANT ! I will start making things a bit more public. Especially considering we live in Utah and the majority of our family lives in California with some in Colorado. Not to mention we’re having       t w i n s .

I found out I was pregnant on October 10th 2014. I want to remember this day forever – but a little back story first. We had been trying to get pregnant since the day we got married, February 2nd 2013. I believe it was about 6-8 months in that I started timing my cycle schedule and taking ovulation tests AND pregnancy tests every single month (which I do not recommend). I stressed myself out and probably Darin even more so. It was October 3rd 2014 and I decided to listen to my friends and go in for testing to see if there was something “wrong with us”. What a lesson this was for me and those around me – we are all so different. Not everyone gets pregnant by accident, let alone the first try. And not everyone is ready when they think they are. So we begin our testing process: I give blood to have my hormone levels tested and Darin does that super fun fertility test that I am sure you can guess entails. I am anxiously awaiting for the results and fully prepared for them to tell me I have low levels of this and need to take this and that in order to get pregnant. I get the call on the 6th, my levels are normal? So now we wait for Darin’s results I suppose and he gets put on some medication to boost his fertility? Sure. On the 7th I notice I am 6 days from a period and so I take my monthly pregnancy test already knowing it’s going to be negative. I got in the shower and peaked at it 15 minutes later and saw what could have possibly been a positive LINE but I told myself it wasn’t and that I waited too long to look at it and I threw it away. So now it’s the 10th of October, and we awake only to find our car had been broken in to the night before. The passenger window broke with glass everywhere and only a pair of $5 sunglasses missing, thank goodness. I head over to my friend Courtney’s house for some tea and mimosas with friends before work. 3 drinks later (and very burpy for some reason) and I find myself calling out of work to have a well-deserved day off, and to get my window fixed of course. I drop the car off at the repair shop and go to the pumpkin patch with friends and their kids – the whole time wondering why I am not pregnant or if the lab will call me today with Darin’s results. I probably had the thought of “why am I not pregnant” every day for the past year before this. Us girls can be really rough on ourselves and we shouldn’t. I am lucky enough to have a man beside me to remind me of that. After a fun filled day with my friends I go home to start dinner and just cannot stop burping. What is wrong with me?  I begin the process of convincing myself it’s a pregnancy symptom “oh why not take another stupid test just to confirm that I am still not pregnant” (this happened quite often). Im standing in front of the mirror fixing my makeup a little and I look down to see a VERY faint solid line on the test. I’m pretty sure this is where I stopped breathing. Grabbed my phone and immediately started dialing my best friend in California, Corinne. How could she not answer her phone right now?? Of all times?? This is an emergency and I need to know if these tests she sent me off amazon are accurate. Or if a very faint line means something?? No answer. I call her husbands phone and he answers, I realize I’m still not breathing and I gasp for air “CORINNE!” he hands her the phone and I tell her what I am looking at. She freaks, I freak. She absolutely insists that I am pregnant and these tests don’t lie. 2 minutes later Darin is unlocking the front door. I hangup on her and  race towards the door almost knocking everything out of his hands and tell him we’re going to the store NOW. He’s pretty confused so I clarify that we need a box of tests from Walgreens so that I can confirm a test I just took. The whole time I am convincing myself that this cannot be, there’s no way, I don’t even think we TRIED last month, the line was too faint it probably wasn’t real etc… I grab the most expensive tests assuming those will give me the most accurate answer. We hop in line and the checker guy asks me if I want the rebate for this box of tests. I respond, “Only if I get a negative test” laughing. We get back to the house and I take a test from the box. Absolutely 100% positive.IMG_7435

I show Darin and he’s still a little upset with me that I called Corinne first and not him – but I panicked!! I needed her to tell me that a faint line didn’t mean anything and to calm down. He finally gets over it and we soak in the reality of this news and then decide we need to go out to dinner to celebrate. We head to Café Trio down the street, the same restaurant we went to with our families after getting engaged. So there you have it. An all natural pregnancy after trying for 20 months with no success. It can happen! And it’s perfectly normal. Looking back now I don’t think we would have been ready right after getting married. We needed to go through a few things together first before bringing babies in to this world together. I am happy with the timing on everything and I wouldn’t change a thing.