just being pregnant

found out yesterday that my best friend corinne is pregnant with her third little. i am so happy for her! there are a few of my other close friends that have been trying and are still trying for their first. i feel for these friends of mine. it took us almost two years and I remember so clearly what i went through almost every day when it just wasn’t happening for us. or what i felt when i would see a little baby. i wanted it so badly. it was so hard to see it ever happening for us because it WASN’T. and now when my friend(s) are let down each month with a negative pregnancy test i wish so bad there was something i could do for them. i know how disheartening it can be. but when it finally does happen it is thee most incredible, amazing and magical feeling. i have never been happier. but i don’t want to forget the struggle it was to get to this point. it was hard. there were days that i got so down on myself because i thought there was something wrong with me. but there wasn’t! it just wasn’t our time. the stars have alined however and we have been blessed beyond belief. and i pray every day that the women in my life who want their first baby will be given that chance. because they deserve it. 

so this is me, just being pregnant. just being happier than i could ever imagine. loving every second of this pregnancy, every little movement & every ache and pain. i love these babes that i am privileged to carry around for the next few months. i love them more than anything i have ever loved. and i love the man that i will spend the rest of forever with. 



twentythree weeks

IMG_9307week: 23

your sizes: eggplant babies!

my weight: 139.2

what’s happening: i am very visably pregnant now. it’s funny because people will ask when i’m due, expecting to hear “a few weeks”. but when i say june they get a funny look on their face and then i have to explain that i have two babies coming. people get really excited about that. i love to talk about it and hear about their twin stories of some one they know. just from working at whole foods market i have met a couple of moms that recently gave birth to twins. anytime we see each other at the store we chat and they check in on me and i ask more questions about their delivery and how their babies are doing now. it’s really exciting and motivating to talk about it and hear other’s stories.  i hope, for these babies, that i am able to carry to at least 37 weeks and that they each get over 5 lbs.

big babes!

appointment with the maternal fetal med dr and they finished the measurements of the babies from the last appt. healthy babies!!

penelope is 1.2 lb
baby boy is 1.5 lb

i got really light headed during the ultrasound and almost threw up twice. it was weird because i haven’t gotten sick through-out the pregnancy. apparently if i’m laying on my back for too long it cuts off the main vein that runs blood from my heart to my brain and to the babies.

the tech said they were moving and rolling around a LOT. now they’re side by side with penelope on top. both of their heads are snuggled together on my right side. i feel them SO much it’s incredible.

twentyone weeks

IMG_9175week: 21

your sizes: pomegranates

my weight: 137

what’s happening: darin got to feel our baby boy throwing punches last night. it was the cutest thing!!
the name zeppelin is growing on me more and more
BABY P & Z !
i’m so itchy. my skin is stretching so much everywhere! but no stretch marks!  I only have one more pair of jeans that i can fit in to and it’s only because they are extremely stretchy material. i am now fitting in to and wearing my cute maternity tops that a couple friends got for me. very thankful for those.

twenty weeks

IMG_8974week: 20 !!

your sizes: bananas from head to toe

my weight: 134.2

what’s happening: looks like my insurance might have just made a big mistake and we’ll be getting dr byno back. is not we have a dr in the same office that our insurance definitely fully covers.

i feel the babies a lot inside. darin has felt penelope. she’s a constant squirmer. I’ve been real itchy all over. no stretch marks though! i lather pure shea butter on twice a day.

i’m really excited for my baby showers! march 14th is the california one. desiree and corinne will be planning it. denise and kiley are doing the one here in utah with help from courtney and jess. it’s going to be at kiley and tonys new cute house up the street from me. i can’t wait !

nineteen weeks

IMG_8902week 19:

your sizes: mangos

my weight: 133.5

what’s happening: I’m pretty set on the name penelope elizabeth for our baby girl. for the boys names we’re indecisive. i really like zeppelin, clyde or oliver. middle name daniel after their daddy. i think darin likes clyde best so we’ll see!

little penelope is a mover! i feel her little kicks all the time. they feel like taps right now. baby boy punches here and there but for the most part he’s pretty mellow. i love feeling them move around.

it’s time to really start getting the house and the babies room ready. my belly is getting buffer and i worry about how long i’ll b able to do things. I’m determined to keep these babies for a minimum of 37 weeks! is we make to 40 weeks, then we have 20 weeks and 6 days left. xoxox

eighteen weeks

IMG_8814week: 18

your sizes: sweet potatoes

my weight: 131.3

what’s happening: we had out second appointment yesterday with the maternal fetal medicine dr. (dr porter). the genders were confirmed!!


we could not be happier. truly. i feel the babies at least once a day now. it is amazing. it feels like little pitter patters or flutters. i love them so much.

they each weigh 9oz. right now! we also got a dvd of our entire ultra sound.

our insurance for some reason is telling us that my ob/gyn (dr byno) isn’t fully covered. but her office is telling me this isn’t possible because they all have the same contracts with united healthcare. i had to cancel our next appt so that we’re not billed even more. and now the hunt begins for a new ob. so frustrating.

seventeen weeks

IMG_9429week: 17

your sizes: oranges

my weight: 130

what’s happening: the extreme fatigue has subsided and the hungry every 10 minutes is no more. i don’t even feel like i can eat as much because there’s no room in my tummy. i love my belly. it’s a constant reminder that i have these two sweet little babies growing inside.

my allergies are bad and the acid reflux is out of control some nights. but still no sickness (thank you babies).

the babies room is all cleaned out and painted. the only thing we’ve bought is a changing table from ikea. and of course some irresistible clothes. we’ll wait till after the baby showers to see what else we need.

I’ve turned in to a very paranoid driver these days. and the horrible utah inversion gives me anxiety. i filled our home with plants to absorb any pollutants and we got an air purifier. i have app on my phone that tells me just how bad the air is some days. i’m so worried about keeping my babies healthy while they develop. but i am doing everything in my power to do so.